Antivirus vs Internet Security Suite

Antivirus vs Internet Security Suite. You may be aware of the importance of securing your digital devices such as computers and mobile devices but how do you select the best security option? In today’s digital world, there are numerous products available to protect your digital devices but you need to clearly understand the best option for you.

Antivirus vs Internet Security Suite

At a high level, the are two products available in the market:

Anti-malware program : Antivirus or Anti-malware that is used to protect your computer against malware, such as Virus, Trojans, and Worms, and remove those malware if your computer is affected by them.

Internet Security Suite software: It is a collection of tools bundled together as a single product. The primary tool is Firewall, which is a network security system that monitors the network traffic in your computer, usually the internet, and helps you block and protect the computer from unauthorized access.

Antivirus vs Internet Security Suite

internet security suite

Now, how do you choose the correct option?

The basic difference between Antivirus/Anti-malware and Internet security suite is that the Internet security suite has Firewall and additional tools. Though you may have to slightly pay more money, it is always recommended to choose an Internet security suite. With increasing threats in today’s cyber world, using antivirus and Firewall would better protect your computer. Efficiently using the other bundled  tools, such as anti-spyware, parental controls, and privacy protector available in the Internet security suite would give protection for your computer and your home network.

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Let us look about each of the bundled tools usually available with Internet Security Suite:

  • Anti-Spyware: Protects your computer from spyware and if affected, removes the spyware.
  • Parental control: Allows parents to have control over the content that their children can access through the Internet.
  • Privacy protector: Helps protect privacy by blocking access to webcam, photos and files from suspicious applications.
  • Protection from hacking: The Firewall in the Internet security suite blocks attempts by hackers to access your computer through the Internet.

Using Internet security suite would usually block most of the programs running in your computer. If you face issues using some of the software after installing Internet security suite, you should add exceptions for the software in the Internet security suite so that the software will function correctly.

There are several companies that offer Internet security suite software in their website. Most of the companies offer only the paid versions, such as the Kaspersky Total Security, Norton Security, and Trend Micro maximum security. However, there are few companies that offer free version of Internet Security Suite, such as the Comodo Internet Security Premium.

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