What is Cyber Espionage?

cyber espionage

Do you have access to confidential information, professional or personal? If yes, you may be a target for cyber espionage or cyber spying.  So, what is cyber espionage? It is the method of gaining access to confidential information, such as… Continue Reading


Oversharing on Social media


What happens when you share more information called oversharing on social media? Most of us today use social networks to share personal information, such as the name, location, contact information and photos, and professional information, such as the company name… Continue Reading


How to prevent Vishing

how to prevent vishing

Do you know how to prevent vishing? Before that let’s see what is Vishing, also known as phone phishing, is similar to phishing and is executed through fake telephone calls. Unlike other types of phishing where an email message is… Continue Reading


What is Pharming?


Have you ever been redirected to a fake website that appeared similar to the genuine website even when you provided the correct URL in the browser? Or, have you heard stories about people who had such experience. This process of… Continue Reading