What is Cyber Espionage?

cyber espionage

Do you have access to confidential information, professional or personal? If yes, you may be a target for cyber espionage or cyber spying. 

So, what is cyber espionage?

It is the method of gaining access to confidential information, such as personal, financial, or sensitive, without the knowledge or permission of the information holder for multiple purposes, such as personal, economic, political or military.


How is cyber espionage performed?

Cyber espionage is performed on networks or individual digital devices by using various methods, such as password cracking and secret installation of malware. Cyber espionage is usually done among countries or among corporate. However, it may be performed on a specific individual if the individual has access to confidential or critical information that matters to the spy.

Cyber espionage is usually a continuous activity that extends over a period of time until the objectives of the spying are met.

Example of cyber espionage

Cyber espionage usually targets government or military institutions. However, there are several instances where individuals are also targetted. One of the popular examples of cyber espionage is the recent controversy where Pegasus Spyware used a vulnerability in WhatsApp to spy several individuals across the world.

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How to protect?

There are various ways to protect you from cyber spying. Some of the key measures that you can take to protect from cyber spying are listed here:

Beware of fake profiles: There are several fake profiles in social media created with the intention of spying at others’ personal and confidential information. Therefore, be cautious while connecting with strangers in social media.

Change passwords frequently: Change passwords used to access your digital devices and software frequently so that any continuous spy activity abruptly ends.

Enable firewall: Ensure your digital devices are protected with firewall.

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