What is a keylogger?

Keylogging (keystroke logger), is a function to capture the information based on the keys pressed in the keyboard. A Keylogger software is a malicious program (Trojan) with keylogging functionality installed on your Windows based computer capture, save and send user personal information, such as the username, password, and credit card information, to the hacker or the author of the Trojan as and when you type them using the keyboard. This makes your confidential information to be compromised and provides options for cybercriminals to misuse the information.

Unlike other malwares, keylogger program don’t affect your system performance whereas it sliently captures the confidential informations such as username, passwords, credit card number, pin etc when you make online transactions. The compramised informations can be misused by the hacker so finally ending up with financial losses.


How cyber criminals use keyloggers?

You are a person, like million others, who uses Internet to perform basic tasks, such as checking email, reading information, watching videos, making bill payments and performing banking transaction. So, you should ideally be safe. Right? But, you may not always be safe!

Imagine that you came to know that there is virus outbreak and needs to apply a patch immediately to secure your operating system. You search for information about the patch and gets information from a website. However, while browsing the information, a message appears asking whether you want to download the patch. You have clicked the No button because you do not want to install any software from third-party websites. However, at this point, a keystroke logging software can get installed in your device because the hacker or attacker who had designed the website may have programmed the No button to act as Yes button, that is to install the software.

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After the keystroke logging software is installed, the information that you type in your keyboard is available with the hacker without your knowledge. It is a matter of time before he or she captures your bank account or credit card information and transaction requirements, such as the Card Verification Value (CVV) number. Next time, when you check the balance of your account, you may not have much to count!

How to detect keylogger?

Can a keylogger be detected? yes, it’s possible and there are few ways to detect Keylogger is installed and active. When you are browsing you will sense slowness, when you are typing your mouse or keyboard might pause and don’t show in monitor for sometime and releases automatically. Keylogger detector softwares usually anti malware are also being sold by companies which can be used to detect keyloggers.

So, how to remove keyloggers and stay safe from keystroke logging software? Let us check out.

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Some of the measures to protect yourself from keyloggers are listed here:

Use virtual keyboard: Use a virtual keyboard for typing confidential information, such as the password and credit card
Install antivirus: In order to improve the security of your computer, first install a reputed antivirus software provided by popular companies such as Kaspersky, malwarebytes
Patch operating system: Ensure that the latest updates are applied to the operating system
Two factor authentication: Implementing two factor authentication can stop hackers from accessing compromised passwords. This is possible because without the token code it’s not possible to login to the account.

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