Top 5 cyber security threats

Today, everyone uses the Internet. There are numerous benefits in using the Internet, which we discussed in the Why digital world is popular?. However, staying safe in a digital world is the core. Let us look at the top 5 cyber security threats.

Today’s cyber world is not as secure as it should be. Your personal and financial information can get intruded if you do not secure yourself in the cyber world. Cyber or Internet security is the branch of computer security associated with Internet use.

cyber security

The Top 5 cyber security threats are:

Malware: Refers to software that is harmful for the computer users. Some of the common malware threats are virus and Trojans.

Phishing: Refers to the process of getting sensitive and confidential information, such as the usernames, passwords, and credit card.

Unsecured information: Refers to unprotected data, including confidential information and messages, which are not encoded and available for unauthorized access or use. Some of the areas where data needs to be secured are hard disks and memory cards.

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Cyber frauds: Refers to a fraudulent activity performed with the help of Internet services or malicious software (malware) that takes advantage of poor security-related knowledge possessed by Internet users.

Online insecurity: Refers to the security vulnerabilities when you are online. Some of the common areas of online security are online shopping and online banking.

There are several other threats but these are the first few threats that had to be listed. In the upcoming blogs, we will discuss some tips to handle these threats so that you stay safe in the cyber world.

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