Stegosploit – A new type of hack using images

Stegosploit is a futuristic threat in the digital world where viewing an image in formats, such as the JPEG and PNG, installs malware on your computer or mobile phone. 

In the Stegosploit threat, the malware is coded in the pixels of the images and these images do not differ in appearance as compared to other images.

Stegosploit threats are usually high in web browsers with security vulnerabilities. This is a major threat because when you just view an image, it enables a hacker to perform malicious activities, such as stealing your confidential data.


Scenario: You like wild life photography and you search images of a lion or tiger on the Internet and viewing that image on your web browser will install malware in your digital devices; you do not even have to download the image.

How to protect from Stegosploit hack?

To protect from Stegosploit, you need to ensure the following:

Use up-to-date browser: Ensure that your web browser is up-to-date.

Ignore unknown sources: Do not click hyperlinks in emails to view images received from an unknown source.

Visit reputed websites: Visit reputed websites to download images.

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