Security Threats

How safe are you when using the Internet? Have you ever thought about it? You will be surprised to know about the threats in the cyber world!

The world of the Internet opens up opportunities for a lot of learning, fun, and exposure. However, today’s cyber world is not as secure as it should be. Your personal and financial information can get intruded or you may be subject to cyber threats.

security threats

Some of the major cyber threats are listed here.


Malware is software that is harmful. Malware primarily focuses on compromising and stealing user data and deleting user documents. Additionally, some malware may also install harmful software without the user knowledge or spy on user activities with an intention to harm the users. 

The malware creates multiple infections in digital devices. Affected devices will depict unusual behaviors, such as reduced system performance, high CPU usage, and high network usage. The devices may also experience major stability issues, such as frequent system crash, application slowness, and intermittent Internet connections.


Phishing is the process of fraudulently getting sensitive and confidential information, such as the usernames, passwords, and credit card. These information are often used by phishers by disguising as a reliable source and information is often used for malicious reasons, such as financial frauds. 

Phishers often masquerade themselves representing a reliable and trustworthy source, such as popular social websites, auction sites, banks, online payment processors or IT administrators. The unsuspecting victims or “the common man” often is affected by the messages. This is because phishing emails may contain links to websites that are infected with malware and most of the users are not aware on verifying the authenticity of a website.

Phishing is usually done through email spoofing or instant messaging. These emails and messages will have hyperlinks that often directs the users to enter sensitive and confidential information in a fake website, which may appear and function the same was as the genuine or legitimate one.

There are different types of phishing, some of them are Email phishingWebsite phishingPop-up phishing, PharmingVishing, and Smishing.

Internet frauds

An Internet fraud is a fraudulent activity performed with the help of Internet services that take advantage of poor security-related knowledge possessed by the Internet users. The primary objective of the majority of the Internet frauds is to trick or cheat you so that the fraudulent person gets financial gains. Most of the frauds are initiated using social engineering techniques and performed through online websites or social media websites.

Software Vulnerabilities

Software vulnerability indicates a weakness or a loophole in the software that allows an attacker or a hacker to intrude into the information systems in your digital devices. Software vulnerability is a combination of three factors:

  • A vulnerable software
  • An attacker or a hacker exposed to the vulnerability
  • An attacker or hacker being able to misuse the vulnerability.

Any vulnerable environment is a combination of several weak points, known as attack surface.