Ransomware WannaCry

You may have heard about Ransomware WannaCry. Do you clearly know what WannaCry is and the impact it made in the world stage? WannaCry is a Ransomware that used a loophole in the older versions of the Microsoft operating system to lock files in your computers. After locking, you will be requested to pay $300 for unlocking the files. The WannaCry threat has been mitigated for now but there are several Ransomware threats that might happen in the future. How do you ensure that you are protected against these threats?


Another important threat that recently emerged in the world is Judy malware, which is an Adware. Approximately, 36 million android devices were infected with this Adware. This Adware was mainly spread through 50 Apps in Google Play store. This Adware redirected infected devices to a web page for making money.

Google identified the infected apps and removed from the Google Play store.

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