Protect SD card with Password and Encryption

Most of the time, the digital devices, such as mobile phone or camera, will have limited storage space. Therefore, most of you will be using memory cards or secure digital (SD) cards for additional storage, especially to store items that require high amount of spaces, such as photos and videos. So, what happens to the data in your memory or SD card when you lose your device? Anyone can remove the memory card from a digital device and misuse it unless you protect SD card with password and encryption

When others have access to your data, such as photos or videos, they can misuse the data by uploading your photos in third-party websites or sharing your confidential information in public websites without even you being aware of it. Such malpractices are on rise and many instances are reported on a daily basis. However, you can protect SD card with password and encryption. Let us see how to do it. 

protect sd card with password and encryption

How to protect SD card with password and encryption?

SD cards has capabilities to protect your data from erasure or modification and prevent access to your data by unauthorized users. For this, you need to use a utility that has the required security feature to password-protect and encrypt your information. It is always recommended to use the vendor-provided utility.

To protect yourself from vulnerabilities of your memory card being compromised, use the following ways:

Safely erase: In case if you want to plan to sell your SD card or replace low capacity card with high capacity. Then make sure to safely erase data if you give it to anyone, data cannot be restored. If you want to erase SD card data in Android phone, go to “Settings” -> “Storage” -> “Erase SD card”. This will erase and format the SD card in your phone.

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Encrypt: Make sure to encrypt the SD card using password so that even if you lose your SD card,  data will not be retrieved by anyone. This is especially important if you have stored your personal photos or important documents in your SD card.

Alternatives: There are few software available as free/paid, such as BitLocker and USB Security software for Windows platform. Using these software, you can encrypt the SD card in  Windows. But the encrypted SD card will not work on any mobile devices. 

Reference Video: How to Encrypt and Decrypt SD card

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