Mobile security threats and prevention

In the current digital world, what are the mobile security threats and prevention steps? Today, most of us are using smartphones for multiple purposes, such as audio and video calling and chatting, web browsing, storing the personal and confidential information, and performing day-to-day transactions, including financial transactions. This has exposed the smartphone users to significant security threats

Some of the common mobile security threats are:

  • Mobile malware: Refers to malware or virus infecting the phone usually resulting in data loss and theft of confidential and financial information.

  • Theft or lost: Refers to data compromise when your phone is stolen or lost.

  • Apps: Refers to the insecure apps downloaded and installed from third-party sources.

However, we can mitigate and manage these security threats to a large extent by adopting and following some best practices.

mobile security

Prevention and protection measures to surmount the mobile security threats:

Install Antivirus: Ensure that you install reputed antivirus software to protect from malware and virus.

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Have a pattern or pin: Most of the smartphones have security authentication options, such as a pin. Ensure to set up a pattern or pin to safeguard your data in the event of your mobile being stolen or lost.

Say “No to insecure apps:  There are numerous apps available in the apps market. Ensure that you install only genuine apps from reputed sources, such as Google Play. As a practice, never install mobile apps from unknown and third-party sources.

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