What is Malware and How can we prevent it?

Malware is an abbreviation for malicious software. Any software that has the malicious code is malware and is harmful because it compromises your data security. So, what is Malware and How can we prevent it? Let us check out.

Malware primarily focuses on compromising and stealing your data and deleting your documents. Some malware may also install harmful software without your knowledge and spy on your activities with an intention to cause you harm. 


Types of Malware

Some of the common types of malware include

Viruses: Viruses are computer programs that perform malicious actions, such as crashing your digital devices and stealing or destroying data. Additionally, a virus may use maximum amount of CPU resources  thereby creating performance issues that may hinder you from effectively using your digital devices.

Computer worm: It is a malware that duplicate itself and spreads to the computers in the network usually impacting the network speed. A computer worm primarily relies on the security failures of the computers in the network and focus on causing harm to the network, such as consuming the network bandwidth so that you do not have adequate bandwidth to access the Internet.

Trojan: Trojan or Trojan horse is one of the popular malware that can harm your digital devices and data. They usually attack you in several ways, such as crashing your computer, deleting your files, and stealing your confidential data.

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Adware: The advertising-supported software (Adware) is a software package that generates advertisements automatically for creating revenue for the owner of the program. The Adware usually gets installed when you install some software in which the Adware is bundled. The Adware usually identify the websites visited by the users so that appropriate advertisements can be presented to the users. 

Spyware: It is a general term used to describe software that performs certain behaviors, generally without appropriately obtaining your consent first. Spyware may either deceive users as a desirable software or exploit the existing software vulnerabilities. Spyware usually appear as pop-up advertisements to deceive the users and based on the user response, spyware shares the user information with external and third party entities. 

Ransomware: It is malware that deny access to the files and folders by locking your computer or mobile. A ransom is demanded for the key to decrypt the files or to unlock your devices. Payment is virtually the goal, and a range of payment methods are used.

How to detect Malware?

It may not always be easy to detect Malware. However, there are some symptoms that indicate the presence of Malware. Let us check them out.

Malware usually creates multiple infections in your digital devices, where your devices will depict unusual behaviors, such as reduced system performance, high CPU usage, and high network usage. Additionally, your devices may experience major stability issues, such as frequent crashing of the operating system, slowness of applications, and intermittent Internet connections.

How can we prevent Malware?

So, what is malware protection? and how can we prevent Malware?

The primary factor in protecting and mitigating malware threats is using a reputed anti-malware, or reputed antivirus with anti-spyware and keeping it up-to-date. Many of the reputed antivirus companies offer free antivirus software with basic features.

Additionally, some of the common ways to prevent a malware attack are listed here:

  • Regularly scan your digital devices to proactively detect malware threats.
  • Renew your antivirus or anti-malware subscription before they expire.
  • Ensure that your operating system is up-to-date.
  • If you are a novice user, it is recommended to install an Internet security suite.

How to Remove Malware?

If your digital devices are affected by malware, adhere to the listed steps to remove the malware:

  • Use the antivirus software to remove the malware.
  • If you do not have antivirus or your antivirus software is not able to remove the malware, use a virus removal tool for malware removal.

Most of the reputed antivirus companies offer free virus removal tools.

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