How to detect phishing email

Email phishing is one of the main phishing techniques used by phishers. There are various ways used to detect phishing emails and we will look into those in detail.

email phishing

What is email phishing?

An email message is sent to users with an attachment or link from an email address similar or identical to the genuine email address. The attachment will usually be a malicious one that may compromise the confidential and financial user information. 

Phishing email example

A message is sent from an email address that seem to be representing a legitimate organization, such as a government agency or a bank. If you notice the email address ([email protected]), the domain name (comcast.net) will be different from the legitimate domain name (www.monsterindia.com) in the email address. These type of  email messages will usually have malicious attachments or hyperlinks. If you provide confidential or personal information after downloading the attachment or accessing the hyperlink, the phisher will gain access to those information and may put you in trouble. In this case the mail was identified and marked as spam by Gmail automatically where this may not be the case for some others.

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How to detect phishing messages?

The thumb rule is that any message that requests you reveal confidential information through an email message or a website could be a phishing message. Also the email will look like a genuine email sent by famous companies.

How to protect?

To safeguard from email phishing, adhere to the following points:

Do not click hyperlinks or open attachments received through unsolicited emails.

Verify the authenticity of email attachments before downloading and opening them because a malicious software will compromise the security of your digital devices. 

Do not provide confidential information to anyone through an email message or phone.

Ensure that a reputed anti-phishing software is installed.

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