Free Tools

Today, there are various free and paid tools available on the Internet to protect you from security threats, such as the antivirus software (Malwarebytes), Firewall and Password managers. In this page, let us discuss the free tools.

The free tools are broadly categorized as follows:

  • Total security tools
  • Password tools
  • Social media security


security tools

Total Security tools

The total security tools are a set of security tools that provide complete protection to your digital devices and is usually a combination of the following:

  • Free Antivirus: Most of the reputed antivirus software companies offer a basic version of their software for free. Some of them are AviraAvastKasperskyNortonAVG, and Comodo.
  • Free Firewall: Some of the reputed antivirus software companies, such as the ZoneAlarm and Comodo, offer free firewall software
  • Virus removal tools: These tools are used to remove viruses, worms, and Trojans from your digital devices. The virus removal tools are usually used when you either do not have antivirus software or your existing antivirus software is unable to detect and handle the virus. Some of the popular virus removal tools are McAfee StingerMicrosoft Windows MSRT, and Kaspersky.
  • Browser tools: These tools are add-ons or extensions to your browsers that provide security features to safeguard your digital devices, such as the Google safe browsing.
  • URL Validator:  These are third-party websites, such as the getlinkinfo, that provide you with options to validate the authenticity of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of a website.

Password Tools

Password tools enable you to effectively and efficiently manage your passwords. Some of the popular password tools are listed here:

  • Password Manager: It is used to store all your passwords in a centralized location using a single master password. Ensure that you use a reputed password manager, such as the KeePass, so that your passwords are safe and secure and stored in an encrypted format.
  • Password checker: It is used to check the strength of a password with hints about the issues in the password. Some of the password checkers are Kaspersky secure password check.
  • 2FA tool: It is a two-step verification process to authenticate your account. In this process, there will be a verification step, such as security tokens or Captcha, in addition to providing the username and password. One of the popular 2FA tools is Google Authenticator.

Social Media Security

  • Security checkup: This is a feature in some of the websites such as the Google and Facebook. This feature enables you to ensure that the security settings of your account are properly configured.
  • Privacy checkup: This is a feature that enables you to protect your private and confidential information. Most of the reputed websites, such as the Facebook and LinkedIn, provide you with options to decide the extent of information to be shared in public.