In today’s digital world, cybercrime is one of the biggest threats faced by Internet users. Cybercrime refers to any crime committed through the Internet and computer devices can be used as a target, as a weapon or accessories for performing it. Cybercrimes include activities such as stealing information, conducting frauds, accessing and misusing data, and sending inappropriate messages for malicious purposes. The people who perform cybercrimes are known as cyber criminals.

computer crime

Types of Cybercrime

Below are few of the Cybercrimes list

Phishing It is the process of fraudulently getting sensitive and confidential information, such as the usernames, passwords, and credit card. This information is often used by phishers by disguising as a reliable source and information are often used for malicious reasons, such as financial frauds. 

Hacking Hacking is unauthorized intrusion by hackers into your digital devices or network by breaching the security defenses and exploiting the weaknesses. Hacking is performed by hackers, who are highly skilled computer experts.

Ransomware It is a computer malware that either encrypts the files or deny access to the files by locking the computers. Then, a ransom is demanded for the key to decrypt the files or to unlock the computers.

How to prevent Cybercrime?

Use anti-malware solutions: Use an anti-malware and Internet security suite that has multiple protection features, such as signature-based detection and heuristic analysis.

Use complex passwords: A complex password is usually longer than 8 characters and is a mix of alphanumeric characters and special characters. These can be generated using any random password generator software or any online tools.

Keep yourself up-to-date: Be aware of the latest happenings through multiple channels, such as referring books, following media, and reading blogs.

How to report Cybercrime?

The following websites provide you inputs for handing cybercrime in a specific country:

Global: Refer the Global cybercrime helpline website

USA: Refer the Federal Bureau of Investigation website.

UK: Refer the ActionFraud website. For reporting any data breach in the UK, visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

India: In India, each state has a separate unit to handle cybercrimes. For information about cybercrime cells for each state, see the InfoSecAwareness website. Also, you can use digital police to report cybercrime.