Cyber Security

Cyber security is the process of protecting and recovering the digital systems which are connected through Internet, such as computers, network devices, and mobile phones, from cyber attacks and cybercrime.

cyber security
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Need for Cyber Security

Cyber security is needed to proactively protect you from cyber threats and cyber attacks. In today’s connected digital world, there are lot of hackers and attackers who are looking for opportunities to hack your digital devices and steal your sensitive, confidential, and financial data. Cyber security helps mitigate these risks for you and your organization. Cyber threats and cyber attacks can make you a victim if you don’t possess adequate knowledge on cyber security. 

Elements of Cyber Security

Application and Infrastructure: Cyber security is primarily about how an application and it’s associated infrastructure is protected. For example, when you access a website, the web server, the database server and associated network and security devices should also be protected.

End user: The end user is basically you. You should also make sure you have adequate knowledge in how to use the web resources properly so that you will not end up getting trapped into security issues. For example: You should prefer using https:// (SSL based website for shopping) over http:// websites.

Protect again cyber security threats

Install Internet Security Suite: Ensure that you either configure the built-in Firewall or install the Internet Security Suite. 

Beware of suspicious messages: Do not open attachments in suspicious email messages.

Scan suspicious files: Do not download and run suspicious files from the Internet without scanning.

Visit only genuine and trusted websites: Do not visit suspicious, fake, and unsafe websites.

Be up-to-date: Update yourself with the latest and emerging threats and frauds in the cyber world so that you are capable of detecting and mitigating them at initial stages.