Free Tools

security tools

Today, there are various free and paid tools available on the Internet to protect you from security threats. In this page, we will discuss about the free tools. These tools can be broadly categorized into three:

  • Virus removal tools
  • Antivirus software
  • Security tools




Virus removal tools: These tools are used to remove viruses, worms and Trojans from your digital devices. The virus removal tools are usually used when you either do not have antivirus software or your existing antivirus software is unable to detect and handle the virus. Some of the popular virus removal tools are listed here:

Antivirus software: Antivirus is software used to protect an operating system from viruses. There are several companies providing antivirus solutions. The free versions of the antivirus software are available for download in the following locations:

Note: Both AVG and Avira provides free antivirus for mobile operating systems.

Security tools: The security tools, such as the password manager and file shredder, enable you to protect and keep your data secure. Some of the popular security tools are listed here: